The story of MRS started in 2007. 
The founder and his friends are outdoor enthusiasts, who have great passions for nature.

Out of his love for water sports, he tried out many different rafts, kayaks and packrafts but none was satisfactory to his requirements. So he started working on something new by himself. 
The process of development took long.

New ideas appeared alongside challenges…
The founder continued to improve product prototypes and validate functions through rigorous testing.
Today, MRS has established itself as a mature packraft manufacturer, offering state-of-the-art products with support from a dedicated design team.

The MRS management team adopts a hands-on approach to design and production.
It is our pleasure to share what we have achieved with fellow passionate packrafters.


You can purchase MRS packraft and accessories from your local distributor, who will provide you with speedy shipping and quality (after-sales) services              

 | MRS Distributors |

If there is no distributor available in your area, and no other possibility for you to buy MRS packraft through another sales channel, you can simply send an email with the product model of your choice (information available on our website) to [email protected] We would be happy to help you with your order. 


MRS is committed to manufacturing top-grade products with extensive application expertise. We are also in collaboration with partners all over the world for continuous product improvement.

Dedicated to designing ultra-light products, we never stop the search for the most suitable and high-quality materials. We implement the most stringent quality control process.

We strive to make products that are lightweight, highly practical, utterly reliable, incredibly comfortable and easy to use.

MRS for water sports: you can always count on us to have the best experience.