Chengdu Micro Rafting System Trade Co


The story of MRS originated in 2007. 

The founder and his friends are outdoor lovers, who have great passions for nature.

Due to the love of water sport, he tried to improve raft, kayak, Packraft in his spare time after using many different boats and being dissatisfied.

This is a great long process.

New thinking appeared, and along with some weakness too …

It makes him continuously improve and test. Everything keeps going. . . .

Today, we are a mature product manufacturer with skilled artisans and a design team who have deep love for exploring.

Decision makers are still reaching the forefront of design and production.

It is a pleasure for us to share our achievement to those who are passionate about the sport.


You can purchase MRS packraft and the accessories from the distributor near your location. The local distributor will provide you with faster shipping and better (after-sales) services.          

 | MRS Distributors |

If there are no distributors in your country or near you, and it is impossible for you to buy MRS packraft through other channels, you can choose the model you like from the website and send an email to INFO@MRSRAFTINGS.COM.  We will serve you individually after confirming it.


MRS is committed to designing and producing high-performance packrafts, opening up logistics networks to sell products to all parts of the world.

We are responsible for each customer’s after-sales service, and trying to provide the best experience for every customer.



All MRS products are developed and designed by MRS designer and staff.

The factories directly under MRS only serve its own brands and do not provide processing or OEM services for other brands.

(The company solemnly declares that the only production site is located in Longquanyi, Chengdu city, Sichuan Province, China.All companies or individuals who claim to be MRS Packraft suppliers or partners without the authorization of the company are most likely irresponsible for deceptive behavior or false advertising implementer.)