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MRS(ChengDu Micro Rafting System Trade Co.,Ltd) , located in Sichuan Province, China, is a manufacturer specializing in ultra light water sports facilities. Our factory is originated in 2012 with the basic product — packraft. Targeting to make the most professional packraft, we have developed Micro packraft series, Alligator, Barracuda R2 and Nomad series ultra light packraft in the past 7 years. Each MRS packraft is out of our unique design and sewed by the handwork. And also patents are applied to protect our hardwork. The well-designed MRS packraft will make you feel ease and comfortable when you floating in the water.

about us
about us


We are committed to designing and producing the best performing, highly practical and professional packraft. Based on user feedback, we never stop looking for suitable and high-quality materials, and implement strict quality control processes so that all MRS products receive technical support and quality assurance from directly affiliated factories. We will actively improve and innovate our products and strive to provide customers with good quality assurance and after-sales service!


You can purchase MRS packraft and the accessories from the distributor near your location. The local distributor will provide you with faster shipping and better (after-sales) services. | MRS Distributors | If there are no distributors in your country or near you, and it is impossible for you to buy MRS packraft through other channels, you can choose the model you like from the website and send an email to INFO@MRSRAFTINGS.COM. We will serve you individually after confirming it.

about us