Global Traveler – Hello! The Animal Kingdom

Global Traveler - Hello! The Animal Kingdom
  • Would you please list 6 kinds of wild animals that you have seen during your long-distance riding travel?

    Lions, Elephants, Hippos, crocodiles, Zebra, Wolf,Giraffe,Rhino, Moose

  • When you camped in the wild, did you encounter any dangerous wild animals? How did you get along with them?

    i have had Elephants and Lions close to my camp in Africa for 1.5 months. I just didn’t go out of my tent and they don’t dig into the tent since for them tent is like a big stone.

    but the most dangerous could be the Malaria mosquitos :D, in order to avoid that, i always slept inside mosquito net.

  • Among the cities and countries you have been to, which city do you like most? Why?

    I love Tanzania the most, wild nature and very friendly people.I usually don’t go to towns, busy towns are the worst place for cyclists like me regardless of which town it is.

  • What is the biggest difficulty you have encountered during so many trips? How did you deal with it?

    breaking down my editing laptops while cycling in Africa was the most annoying thing ever. have happened 2 times. The reason was grid electricity voltage goes up and down in most of the places I have been in Africa and it is not stable. This has blown up my macbooks. Last time when this happened , I sent the laptop back to Finland and I started to edit with my phone.

  • Does long-distance riding travel need a lot of money and time? How do you balance your work and riding?

    depends on person, but if you are happy to cook your own food and sleep in a tent, it isn’t. my work is creating content and publishing documentary films in my youtube channel i do it while cycling.

  • What do you think is the difference between long-distance riding in winter and long-distance riding in summer? In what season do prefer to ride?

    I love both, just winter riding is much harder and you need a lots of gear to stay warm. for example your sleeping bag is much heavier, you need more clothes and so on.. so your bike is much heavier. also everything is much slower, like putting up the tent.

  • Long-distance riding must require a lot of physical strength. How will you replenish water and electrolytes?

    i keep drinking water, daily at least 6 liters and i add electrolyte tablets, or put a bit of salt in the water.

  • I heard that you will arrange packraft paddling this summer. What makes you want to try this new project?

    I love the idea, I have been planning it for a long time. Now with the packrafts being so light and durable, I have planned a trip in a way so my packraft is on the bike with me, then when I get to the river or lake I cross it with the packraft and have my bicycle on the raft. This opens totally new doors to new adventures especially in Northern scandinavia and places like Patagonia.

  • If novice users want to try long-distance riding, what necessary equipment do they need to prepare? What do you recommend?

    The most important is to have a bicycle which has the correct bike fit for you. so you don’t end up hurting your knees or back. then have a good saddle. then just pick up some panniers and put your camping gear and a few spare parts for your bicycle in those panniers and start your adventure. I would recommend doing it at summer time for the beginning.