Friends ——”Paddling on the Zhuxi Glacier in winter”

Friends ——”Paddling on the Zhuxi Glacier in winter”

What can we play in winter? It sounds chilly to paddle in water. Go packrafting under the snowy mountains?

It might sound crazy, you may freeze your hands off. However, for Poshan, early winter is a feast, and of course it is also a good time to appreciate the snowy mountains, and have another “extreme paddling on the Zhuxi Glacier”.

In most places of China, the warm sun is still shining in early winter of November; but in the plateau areas with an altitude of 3,000 to 4,000 meters, it has already been covered with ice and snow. For a place like Tibet, winter seems to be here all the time.

Bomi is located in Linzhi, Tibet. Poshan is stationed here all year round. He spends most of the year traveling on the plateau and snow mountains, using his camera to capture the hundreds of millions of years of Glacier frozen here.

In the pictures, the snow mountains stand tall and the glaciers are crystal clear, the scenery that can be seen in Bomi all the seasons. Under the mountains, the lush forest, the flat water, and the blossoming peach blossoms, is look like South China.

“The weather is fine in winter, and the entire Bomi is blue, white, and yellow most of the time.” This is how Poshan describes the Bomi in winter. Indeed, Bomi has the scenery from the cold polar regions to the river valleys. You can see different seasons in the winter of Bomi.

Most of the destinations Poshan paddles in winter are Moraine Lake. Moraine lakes are lakes formed when glaciers melt and block river channels or glacier valleys. In addition, some lakes on high mountains often freeze. In autumn and winter, you need to carry the packraft for a distance, and sometimes you need to even spend the whole night in the mountains. But the reward is the beautiful scenery.

The glacier lake in Poshan’s photo is the Zhuxi Glacier in Bomi County, which is 40 kilometers away from Bomi County. The Zhuxi Glacier is surrounded by a group of parallel glaciers formed over thousands of years. In winter, the lake is surrounded by moraine ridges and part of the lake has frozen. There was no way to get here, so he could only rely on the map and force his way through the dense forest to get there that he could go back and forth in one day.

For ordinary people, the environment above the snow line is extremely cold and dangerous. Only the fearless dare to challenge it. After all, glaciers can only be viewed from a distance. For Poshan, glaciers are endless potential, and these are something to behold and cherish.

The year of 2023 is going to an end. Maybe we should go to Bomi to see the end of winter ourselves. Paddling in lakes under snow mountains, passing through canyons, and encountering mountains and rivers shaped by ancient glaciers. Pack your bags, head to the snow-white plateau, and go packrafting in a place with the most beautiful winter scenery – are you ready for this adventure?