Protect your “river trip” with “safety”

Protect your “river trip” with “safety” | MRS&ACA Level 3 Packraft Instructor Training


As a brand in the field of outdoor water sports in China, MRS hopes to share the knowledge of functions and applications of packraft with players despite producing packrafts. It is important to deliver safety knowledge to the packraft players.

ACA level 4 whitewater kayaking instructor

In November 2023, MRS and a Chinese instructor(ACA level 4 whitewater kayaking instructor) jointly invited a senior kayaking instructor (ACA WHITEWATER KAYAKING L4 Instructor Trainer) to carry out China’s first training for ACA level 3 packraft instructors in Nujiang, Yunnan.

The ACA Level 3 Packrafting Instructor Training was launched in the Nujiang River (Baoshan Section), China. It is an advanced water safety training for instructors with control ability. After four days of intense training and practice in each group, the instructors completed the level 1-3 lessons, and passed the training in rapids, sharp bends, water holes, water slopes and other terrains. In the end, the students obtained the ACA Level 3 Packraft Instructor Certificate and the ACA Level 2 Packraft Instructor Certificate.

The ACA Level 3 Packrafting Instructor Training
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We look forward to this training will strengthen the knowledge of packraft expertise among water operators and instructors in China. The instructor certification training is designed to teach packrafting techniques and safety knowledge while sharing our products and equipment with players. This course is also for those who wish to develop their personal paddling skills and become a certified whitewater packraft instructor.

Let us jointly protect the safety and healthy development of the water sports industry through learning!

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