Exploring Shanghai’s North Bund Outdoor Spring Bazaar with MRS!

Exploring Shanghai’s North Bund Outdoor Spring Bazaar with MRS!

In early May, the Shanghai Outdoor Spring Bazaar was organized by the Treeline Group and the North Bund. For people living in big cities today, urban leisure activities are constantly evolving. Young city dwellers are enhancing their lifestyles with a variety of outdoor sports, which have gained popularity in cities like Shanghai.

When you immerse yourself in nature, you engage in play. This bazaar features not only traditional professional outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking, climbing, surfing and skiing, but also light outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and packrafting. It’s worth mentioning that these light outdoor activities are becoming the preferred choice of young people.

As a brand specializing in light outdoor water sports equipment, MRS stands with enthusiasts in every step: from new products development to facing the market, from embodying the brand spirit to co-building outdoor culture. MRS has become a major leader and innovator in the field of lightweight outdoor water sports.

On the event day, the “Carrying the Landscape” activity, initiated by the GLIDE Outdoor Platform, demonstrated the aesthetics and enjoyment of Packraft in lightweight outdoor activities through a combination of visual effects and interactive experiences. In addition, a professional lecturer introduced the knowledge of Packraft to the players on site.

Professional outdoor equipment, trendy outfits, casual cafes and cool colored Packrafts all blend harmoniously to convey the perfect balance of light water sports and leisure. Positioned as a public service, the “Shanghai Outdoor Spring Bazaar” aims to recommend suitable outdoor lifestyles and community groups to the urban population, and let everyone know about various outdoor sports and lifestyles.

MRS will continue to participate in future events to spread the knowledge of outdoor water sports and lifestyle. Whether you are a “Local residents” or a ” urban migrant”, you can discover this “new life, new fun” !