Packrafting at Lu Hu Lake, Fun in Urban Waters

In the hot summer, playing with water is the best way to relief from the heat, besides swimming, boating is the best way.

The high temperature in May indicates the early arrival of summer, and as a packrafting player, a heart that loves to play with water is always passionate. The topic of the first session MRS Paddling Academy’s “Floating Leshan, Visiting the Big Buddha” activity is still hot. Luhu Lake, as a good place to play with water in Chengdu, this summer, “packrafting” will again appear in players’ dialog with high frequency.

As long as you have a lake in your heart, you can enjoy boating anywhere!

Unlike the first activity, which was held far away from the city, this time we chose the paddling venue in the city waters. Chengdu Luhu Lake CPI, a beautiful residential community that advocates green, environmental protection and symbiosis with the natural environment. The event not only made up for the regrets of those who couldn’t go to Leshan, but also gave new packrafters a chance to experience the fun of packrafting on their own doorstep!

playing with water

you can enjoy boating anywhere

In the afternoon of 17th May, the activity was opened at the MRS house on Luhu Lake. Ziyang, the interpreter of the national rowing team, was invited to host the activity. He started the activity sharing session with a relaxed and pleasant opening speech, and shared the history and culture of packrafts and how beginners should choose the suitable Packrafts for themselves with the CPI owners of Luhu, bloggers of Xiaohongshu and media friends who attended the activity and first touched with Packrafts. Although it was sunny at that time, everyone listened very carefully. In the middle of the sharing, the “Palm Standing Packraft” and “MRS Color Custom Card” also let everyone really feel what “ultra-light” Packraft is. And you can also DIY your own Packraft as you like.

After the sharing session, our players, led by Yuan Xiaojin(ACA Packraft Level 3 Instructor), couldn’t wait to get into the water and start paddling. Although the city lake is not as wide as the rivers in the remote suburbs, it didn’t affect everyone’s passion. Paddling on the lake and touch water with your hand, cool from the fingertips to every cell of the body. Players under the guidance of the coach have interesting water interactive paddling competitions. They pick up the camera to catch the beautiful moments. In the picture, friends are laughing and “chasing” each other through the water. The coach’s water tumbling performance made everyone who sees it for the first time clap their hands.

Playing in the water is the perfect activity to the summer season! With just a paddle and a packraft, you can turn the heat upside down and stay cool. Although the activity is short-lived, the afterglow of the setting sun can’t diminish the players’ passion. As the sun goes down, the paddling continues. To fully embrace the summer that has already begun and have uninhibited fun on the water! When you paddle in these city waters, the water automatically transforms into a magical potion that quickly spreads endorphins and keeps the mood uplifted!

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