MRS debuts at the Sichuan Pavilion at the 2024 Sichuan Sports Expo

The China Sport Show, hosted by the China Sporting Goods Industry Federation and China Sports Federation Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd., was successfully held at the China Western International Expo City in Chengdu, Sichuan from May 23 to May 26. The 2024 Sports Expo lasted for 4 days with an exhibition area of 180,000 square meters. More than 1,600 companies from home and abroad participated in the exhibition, and the number of exhibitors, exhibitors, and product categories all hit a record high. MRS, as a domestic and foreign water sports brand, debuted at the Sichuan Pavilion of the “Gathering New Momentum for Industrial Development” at this Sports Expo.

The China Sport Show

As the only national, international and professional sports goods exhibition in China, the annual Sports Expo platform brings together a comprehensive sports industry of sports goods and sports marketing resources. It is a booster for brand promotion and channel expansion of sports goods companies, and an important channel for spreading new sports cultural concepts.

In this exhibition, the Sichuan Pavilion made its debut at the Sports Expo with the theme of “Gathering New Momentum for Industrial Development”, covering sports industry, sports goods, sports events, sports tourism, sports consumption and other contents. As China’s water sports projects become more and more internationalized, the lightweight outdoor water sports product backpack boat, which has gradually become popular in water sports at home and abroad in recent years, will be displayed in the “Made in Sichuan” unit exhibition area of sports goods in the Sichuan Pavilion, showing water sports scenes, packraft and its equipment products.

packraft and its equipment products

In the journey of promoting the development of the sports goods industry, the 2024 China Sports Expo will use new quality productivity as a driving force, integrate resources across borders, and enable market structure optimization and upgrading. MRS will also continue to pay attention to the China Sports Expo, actively participate in more sports-style scenes in future exhibitions, promote packrafts as a water sports product, and provide water sports enthusiasts with knowledge dissemination and help about water sports.

provide water sports enthusiasts with knowledge dissemination and help about water sports