The 2nd Annual Huiliu.Packrafting Tournament Nanxun Ancient Town Fun Race

Hundreds of Packraft Owners Meeting

The Dragon Boat Festival in early June has just ended, but for Nanxun Ancient Town, known as “the first of the six ancient towns of south China”, the festive atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival is still continuing. Recently, Nanxun Ancient Town organized a series of traditional water sports activities, such as dragon boat racing, bucket rowing and water tug-of-war.

Mindang Village is located in Nanxun, Huzhou. With the economic and social development, many new water sports have been developed here, On June 15, HuiLiu Outdoor Community and MRS jointly held the “2024 2nd Annual HUiliu.Packrafting tournament – Nanxun Ancient Town Fun Race” there.

The packraft tournament happened in Nanxun once again.

The Packraft Tournament – Nanxun Ancient Town Fun Race, part of MRS official brand support activities, stands out as the highlight of the annual packraft water sports events and a grand gathering for MRS packraft enthusiasts every year.

The excitement from last year still lingers, and this year’s participants are equally enthusiastic. Compared to last year, the number of participants has grown to over a hundred, with many newcomers joining for the first time. They hail from various places, with one family traveling 600 kilometers from Linfen, Shandong, to take part in the parent-child race.

The spectacular sight of hundreds of participants paddling packrafts is awe-inspiring, and the gathering of packrafters is a summer highlight in the ancient town! Nearly a hundred MRS Packrafts navigate the picturesque waterways of the ancient town, creating a magical scene that blends retro charm with modern trends.

The packraft tournament brings new summer joy to Nanxun.

Summer is the prime season for water activities. Compared to its first edition, this year’s packraft tournament is more diverse and colorful, with a more mature event setup.

The tournament includes men’s solo, women’s solo, and doubles competitions on a 5-kilometer circular course. Challenges include navigating around buoys, crossing bridges, and negotiating spiral courses. There’s also a parent-child entertainment race – the timed duck catch – to add some extra fun to the activities.

As soon as the whistle blew to start the competition, the atmosphere immediately reached its peak. The day-long event kicked off with the morning parent-child fun race, where parents eagerly joined their children. At the sound of the whistle, parents competed vigorously on the water, eagerly “crazy-grabbing” small yellow ducks. The scene was lively and bustling as they gave their all for their children!

The afternoon session is the real speed competition. Participants are divided into men’s and women’s solo and double categories, and dozens of packraft teams enter the river at the same time. The competitive spirit they display on the waterways fills the entire ancient city with the vitality and enthusiasm of summer.

This tournament is open to participants from all over the country, including both novice and experienced players. For this reason, the event offers different levels of prizes, allowing both amateur enthusiasts and professionally trained players to compete for prizes and experience the passion and challenge of packraft racing.

The competition entered its final stage, with participants giving their all on the 5KM course. Last year’s champion reclaimed the title with a time of 37 minutes. Other award-winning participants said, “The prizes were so plentiful that the paddling made our hands sore.

Play for rewards, enjoy summer happiness.

The Nanxun Packraft Tournament is not only about the competition itself, but more importantly, it aims to deepen the love of packrafting among enthusiasts and introduce newcomers to fall in love with packrafting.

Everyone can enjoy the fun and charm that packrafting brings as a water sport, and perhaps that is the true meaning of the packrafting tournament.

“Packrafting is so  interesting! I’m going to practice hard when I get home and look forward to participating next time!” This is the most comment from the participants of this event, and for the brands and organizers, it is also the most valuable feedback! We are looking forward to the next meeting and to bringing more water fun next year!