Some people say that only 30% of the earth is land, and owning a boat means having the other 70% of the possibilities to explore nature.

The founder and his friends are outdoor lovers, who have great passions for nature. Due to the love of water sport, he tried to improve raft, kayak, packraft in his spare time after using many different boats and being dissatisfied.

This process is very long, and the development process is much more complicated and difficult than imagined. New ideas and challenges coexist. MRS came into being when it received praise from many partners. In the 15 years from 2007 to 2022, our team has been insisting on continuously improving the product prototype and passing strict testing to verify the functions. After years of development, MRS has become a mature product manufacturer with skilled craftsmen and a design team passionate about exploration. Integrating research and development, production, sales, and after-sales, MRS quickly rose to become a prominent domestic and international brand for professional packrafting, focusing on outdoor water sports enthusiasts. The brand specializes in lightweight packrafts and accessories, appreciated by users for their streamlined patents and outstanding performance in the water.

Despite our current achievements, we always look to the future. Our decision-makers remain deeply involved in the product design and production. The high-quality MRS packraft you see today is the best evidence of our commitment to “careful listening and continuous innovation.” We are eager to offer the best products to provide the paddlers with the best water sports experience. Thanks for accompanying us and witnessing our achievements. The “MRS” brand belongs to Chengdu Micro Rafting System Trade Co.,Ltd, we manufacture products in China.



We are committed to designing and producing the best performing, highly practical and professional packraft. Based on user feedback, we never stop looking for suitable and high-quality materials, and implement strict quality control processes so that all MRS products receive technical support and quality assurance from directly affiliated factories. We will actively improve and innovate our products and strive to provide customers with good quality assurance and after-sales service!


The founders of MRS come from water sports veterans. Out of our love for packrafts, we decided to make the best packraft for ourselves since there was no manufacturer specializing in pack rafts in China. Adhering to this belief, we thoroughly investigated the market and purchased the highest quality materials from different countries, combined with the expertise of packrafts. During the 15 years from 2007 to 2022, our team has been insisting on continuously improving the product prototype, It passed rigorous tests to verify its functions, and finally made the first satisfactory packraft. To share our joy, we created the brand MRS, an abbreviation for Micro Rafting System.