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ChengDu Micro Rafting System Trade Co. LTD (“MRS”) declare that all MRS products are developed and designed by MRS designers and manufactured by MRS employees. Designs of MRS products, which undergo significant MRS research and development, are not shared with third party companies and are not authorised for third party use in the production of non-MRS manufactured products.

Whilst third party companies may seek to copy MRS designs, this is not with the authorisation of MRS and as such, without the quality research, development, expert professional testing and manufacturing techniques which underpin all MRS products, buyers should be cautious of the quality of such unauthorised copy attempts. Regarding manufacture, the factories which manufacture MRS products are solely owned and managed by MRS, and only serve the production of MRS branded products. These MRS factories do not provide processing or OEM services for any other brand or company.

MRS can confirm that the only production site for MRS products, not shared with any other brand or business, is located in Longquanyi, Chengdu City, Sicuan Province, China. Any companies or individuals who claim to share manufacturing facilities with MRS, or claim to be MRS Packraft suppliers, manufacturing partners or partners in any other form (including distributors) without the authorisation of MRS are engaged in fraudulent false advertising and activity. Caution is advised when engaging with companies or individuals that falsely claim any connection with MRS or facilities operated by MRS. MRS reserve the right to take action against any such companies or individuals in accordance with the laws and regulations within the country in which they operate in order to protect MRS intellectual property and reputation.

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