Patent granted

MRS products are the result of long-term continuous research and development and improvement.

We don’t just develop products for the sake of R&D. MRS has R&D achievements first, and up on solid basic R&D, the products will make more breakthrough.
These patents are patent certifications for the functionality of the product itself. They are also the research and development fruits of the founder of MRS, and they are all exclusive patents owned by MRS. Every time you use a patented product from MRS, you will feel the results of MRS’s research and development.

What Sets

MRS Patents Apart

【 Functionality 】
【 MRS owned patent 】
【 R&D by founder 】

MRS possesses core technology, and all patented products originate from the founder’s independent research and development, rather than from third parties product appearance, manufacturing methods,or manufacturing method patents.