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An expert in more flexible whitewater fighting
White water rafting, with precise control

The Whitewater Series is a boat model designed for whitewater and streams. The Gator model under the series can be equipped with a fully waterproof deck and anti-skirt, and is equipped with adjustable leg straps to control the center of the body, allowing more flexible control of the hull when entering white water; the EVO model is based on short The Alligator XL adopts a deckless design, and EVO is a cross-generational product. It allows us to carry out a revolutionary new design of the self-draining bottom. Its structural design has the MRS design global patent certificate. . It is the best-performing self-draining series of cross-shaped boats and is a comprehensive innovation in the field of inflatable self-draining boats over the years.

ISS hull internal storage system

The ISS (Internal Storage System) is a feature that opens and closes, as well as puts objects in and out of the hull, by attaching waterproof fasteners to the stern and other parts of the ship. By placing the load in the hull it remains dry, and it has a lower center of gravity and greater stability and maneuverability than tying it to the bow. The ISS is an essential feature because luggage such as tents and sleeping bags must be kept dry when camping or enjoying white water.


The caudal fin is a fin attached to the bottom, it is shaped like a fish fin and its properties vary depending on its size and shape. MRS emphasized the function and shape of the skeg at the beginning of the design, so it is divided into large and small tail fins; the large tail fin is designed for still water, and the small tail fin is more wear-resistant, and it is designed for whitewater rapids. In the end, they have a common Compatible base. The material of the tail fin is composite material nylon mixed with fiberglass, so it has high temperature resistance, dimensional stability, better toughness and corrosion resistance, and each tail fin is composed of different textures. So starting in 2021 we decided to equip all packrafts with skeg.