Microraft series is a classic packraft type. After a long product testing period and regards to customer feedback, MRS improved the technology and redesigned the balance of the bow and stern in the Microraft series. The redesign resulted in a packraft with a sharper and more streamlined appearance and significantly reduced water resistance. Our redesign also guarantees better buoyancy of the front hull, which means more luggage can be carried.

The standard Microrafts series uses a traditional velcrobased water protection system(C-type). It allows the paddlers to enter the cabin and close the spraydeck quicker and more convenient. But some water will enter the packraft inadvertently when the waves are too big.
You can also consider a fixed full-sealed spraydeck with spray skirt(W-type for example Alligator 2S ) or the Dual-use sealed waterproof deck and spray skirt(D-type for example Nomad S1D ) when you are in cold water.

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