Nomad S1D

MRS exclusive patented design.

Patent number:CN304973689S

Nomad S1 series and Barracuda R2 are the best packrafts for improved speed because of the longer waterline and streamlined shape.

We have been devoted in improving the NomadS1D for a long time.

The narrower hull not only reduces water resistance, but also lets you paddle the packraft with less effort.

We also use detachable fins to reduce water resistance and increase the overall stability and tracking. This also improves the speed of the Nomad S1 series and the Barracuda R2.

Although Nomad S1D has a narrow hull, it is specially equipped with a high seat cushion to avoid paddlers getting squeezed in between the tubes. Eventhough the inner width of the raft is narrow, you still have plenty of space on top of the high cushion seat.

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