We are looking forward to working with people and organizations who like adventures in outdoor and to make our packraft your best friend in your trip.

Our Sponsorship

In fact, we have been working with athletes and adventurers from all over the world for a long time.


About Cooperation

We’re excited to introduce our sponsorship program to you! Whether you’re an individual athlete, a team, or a community organization, we offer various forms of sponsorship to support your development and activities.Feel free to contact us for more sponsorship details!


    As per your schedule, we’ll discuss and provide products tailored to the current season’s needs. Customized services will be available based on your requirements. After use, MRS will handle product returns and maintenance. Additionally, we’ll send various new products for further testing.


    We provide a discount lower than the cost of the product itself according to your needs. And we won’t take the packraft back after you have finished the journey. The packraft enjoys the same after-sales service as the normal sales products.

    The people who applied the sponsorship successfully will agree to share the original materials, high quality images, videos, etc. related to sponsored travel for digital marketing. And we have the right to legally edit and use these materials (usually we will be on the marketing platform and website). We also hope that you could mark MRS logo on social media and publicly acknowledge our support in your travels.

Exciting Events

MRS takes pride in supporting and sponsoring a series of exciting events spanning various fields such as environmental conservation, personal growth, and sports competitions. Our sponsorship initiatives are aimed at fostering community development, promoting cultural exchange, and actively engaging in environmental advocacy.

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2023.2-MRS & New Zealand Godzone Adventure Race

Heaven and hell await athletes in Godzone, one of the toughest competitions in the world.

The prestigious World Adventure Racing Championship attracts hundreds of explorers around the world to Lake Te Anau, located in the mountains of the southwestern South Island of New Zealand. Competitors raced around the clock for four and a half to five days, including hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and packrafting through bushland and open terrain.

The terrain of this event allowed the team to make a trip to a higher mountaintop…

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2023.4-MRS America-Expedition Ozark

Expedition Ozark is a test of endurance, teamwork and willpower.

The inaugural 2023 race covers 390 miles of the Ozark region in northwest Arkansas, passing the region’s best rivers, lakes, hiking trails and, of course, world-famous singletrack . The incredible scenery and rugged terrain attract adventurers.
The participating teams completed the event in 5 days through hiking/long-distance running, mountain biking, packrafting, and climbing.

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2023.5-MRS &Canada- Expedition Canada

Expedition Canada is a six-day adventure event around the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia in western Canada. Events include hiking, trail running, mountain biking, kayaking and more.
The team traversed 540 kilometers of grueling road, past impressive lakes, rugged alpine peaks, and world-famous rock formations, experienced deserts and snow-capped peaks, and crossed forests, waterways, upland pastures and grid walks.
This is an exciting but challenging game that everyone is unforgettable.

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! Before submitting your request, please refer to the following conditions:

  1. We will process and respond to your sponsorship request within 3-5 weeks.
  2. We have two sponsorship events a year. The places of each sponsorshipeventis limited. Applicants need to apply it in advance. We will decide whether to sponsor after the assessment.
  3. In areas with distributors, such as Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Chile, New Zealand. Sponsors can contact local dealersdirectly (see linksfor details). They will decide whom to sponsor.
  4. We have the right to request a sponsorship contract with thepeople who applied the sponsorship successfullyto clarify the responsibilities and obligations of both parties. There will be someone responsible for subsequent use, after-sales and other issues.


Nature is the source of life, one of the most precious treasures on Earth. It provides us with fresh air, clean water, rich biodiversity, and breathtaking scenery. Protecting nature is as essential as safeguarding our own home.

Every individual should approach our planet with a mindset of caring for nature. We should respect it, preserve the environment, and minimize our impact on the Earth. Starting with small actions like reducing plastic usage, conserving energy, planting trees, etc., are all ways we can protect nature.

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